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Best Pasta Shapes to Pair With Sauces in East Village, New York, NY; For Example, Homemade Tonnarelli Pairs Well With a Creamy Lobster Reduction Sauce!

When you are going to eat at a good Italian restaurant you scroll through the menu and pick out what looks good. Italian food is a great option for many Americans when they want to indulge in great foods. When you talk about Italian food, one of the staples is pasta. Pasta comes in many shapes and types and the best way to pair pasta is with a nice sauce. The sauce is what makes the dish but if you don’t use the right pairing you may not be happy with the outcome. There are some things that you should know about what sauces are paired with which type of pasta and why.

TableSide Italian Cook Shoppe Lists Types of Pastas & What Sauces Are Recommended With Them

Oil Based for Thin Long Pasta: When you are ordering a pasta dish that has any type of long pasta there are some sauces that are the most popular. These pastas can include spaghetti, vermicelli and linguini. There are some particular types of sauces that will work best for long pasta. The first thing to know is that these pastas often need some type of lubrication to keep them from sticking to one another. That means that an oil based sauce is a great option. If there is a vegetable or herb mixture in the pasta it is often cut julienne style so that it mimics the look and shape of the pasta that is being used.
Rich Meaty Sauces or Cream Sauces for Ribbon Pasta: Thick, long ribbon pasta such as pappardelle, fettuccine, mafaldine and tagliatelle is thicker and heavier and pairs well with rich meaty sauces or cream sauces as well. A perfect example is our The Tasty Crustacean, homemade tonnarelli in a creamy lobster reduction sauce with lobster meat and a touch of brandy.
Chunky Sauces for Farfelle & Small Shaped Pasta: If you are ordering a dish that uses a small shaped pasta, the sauce is often times different than the sauce you will find on a long pasta dish. These pastas can include twisted fusilli, bow tie farfelle and shell conchiglle. The sauces that you will find using this type of pasta can be endless but there are some that are best. When you have a sauce that is thick and with lots of chunks in it you want to use this type of pasta. The chunks are often types of meat and vegetables that are cooked in the sauce. The great thing is that the sauce and the chunks have somewhere to get stuck and hold onto with the shaped pasta. You can get a great bite of everything in the dish in one spoonful. You can choose shaped pasta that is drenched in cream wine sauce, pooled in pesto or dripping with four cheese sauce. A pasta dish you have to try is our Lady of the Night, fresh fusilli pasta with plum tomato sauce, Italian black Gaeta & green Castelvetrano olives and capers topped with smoked mozzarella!

Hearty Sauces for Tube Shaped Pasta: One of the most popular types of pasta that is found in Italian cooking is a tube shaped pasta. There are many styles of tube pasta such as penne, rigatoni, macaroni and cavatappi. They are all great in many sauces but the ones that do the best are sauces that you need a little space and texture in the pasta. A hearty vegetable sauces, ragu or a bolognese tomato sauce is great for these types of pastas. Be sure to know what sauce you have and the thickness of the sauce when you pair it with the right pasta.
Light Oil or Cream Sauces for Filled Pastas: Filled pasta such as capelletti, ravioli and tortellini already have a lot of flavor so they are typically served with a light oil or cream sauce. A great example is our Truffled Moneybags, small bag shaped fresh pasta filled with ricotta cheese in a creamy white truffle sauce.

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