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Health Benefits of Traditional Italian Food in East Village, New York NY; Meal Plan to Lose Weight, High Fiber & Antioxidants, Heart Healthy & More

Did you know Italian food is healthy and great for your body? Most people, when they hear the phrase “Italian food”, think of pizza or spaghetti, neither of which is super healthy for you. So when some claim that Italian food has many health benefits, many are skeptical. Well today, TableSide Italian Cook Shoppe would like to put the matter to rest and share how proper Italian food holds many health benefits and why more people should include the right Italian cuisine in their diet and life.

Italian Food Meal Plan to Lose Weight

In Italian cuisine, a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables are used. Some of the frequently used fresh produce used in Italian food are tomatoes, leafy greens, spinach, onions, garlic and citrus fruits. All of these commonly used produce are rich in nutrients and are low in calories and fats. Many of these vegetable and fruits used in regular Italian cuisines are packed full of vitamin A, and iron which helps with vision and improves the oxygen content in your blood. Tableside Farmer’s Platter for Sharing comes to mind. Imported creamy burrata cheese paired with a selection of marinated, roasted and grilled vegetables. With the proper portion control, Italian cuisine can help maintain weight. Some even have claimed to lose weight while still enjoying their Italian food!

High Fiber Italian Foods

Fiber plays a vital role in people’s diet and Italian food has an abundant source of fiber. The carbohydrates that most Italian cuisine has, helps your body’s digestive system which in turn improves your body’s blood cholesterol levels. Many of the ingredients in Italian cuisine such as vegetables, fruits, grain, nuts and legumes, are all extremely rich in fiber. Just one of the high fiber meal choices at TableSide Italian Cook Shoppe is our signature Taproot Symphony, roasted red and golden beets, arugula, and toasted almonds topped with crumbled goat cheese in a chia lemon oil dressing.

Heart Healthy Italian Food

Italian cuisine often consists of fish and olive oil which is a great source of fats. Yes, there are healthy fats that your body needs. Most fish contains the fatty acid omega-3 oils that not only help your heart but the brain as well. Omega-3 has also been discovered to reduce blood pressure and combat heart disease. Have you tried our Upstream Swimming Fish; wild caught sockeye salmon pan roasted with haricot vert in a grainy Dijon mustard sauce? Let’s not forget another Italian staple—red wine. A glass of red wine has been recommended by doctors for many years now, due to the many health benefits it holds, including that for the heart. TableSide Italian Cook Shoppeoffers an extensive wine list, which offers a variety of Italy’s finest wines.

Antioxidants in Italian Food & Wine

Vitamin A, C, and E, as well as beta-carotene, selenium, lycopene, and lutien, all contain powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants help to protect your body from cell damage by keeping your body free of radicals that cause unstable molecules. Keeping your body free of these radicals has been known to help prevent cancer. Food rich in antioxidants are fruits, vegetable, nuts and grains. Again, all are included in delicious Italian cuisine. TableSide Italian Cook Shoppe offer many sides of Greens including Spinach, Broccoli Rabe and Haricot Vert, each sautéed with extra virgin olive oil and garlic or steamed.

Authentic Italian Food Restaurant in East Village, New York NY

By choosing the right Italian cuisine, you will find many health benefits that your body can receive. No, not all Italian foods are created equally and yes, some of them contain lots of pasta, cheese and heavy cream. However, TableSide Italian Cook Shoppe prepares traditional and healthy Italian cuisine. You will find in our dishes all the proper ingredients for a healthier life. If you want great tasting food that provides you with additional health benefits, come down and enjoy the authentic Italian food at TableSide Italian Cook Shoppe today!