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Italian Tartufo “Truffle” Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Cream Dessert in East Village, New York, NY

One traditional Italian dessert that should never be left out when you’re at your favorite restaurant in Italy is the Tartufo. The tartufo isn’t just an excellent dessert; it is also part of an Old Italian tradition. Tableside Italian Cook Shoppe will share the history of the tartufu and how this dessert became so popular in many restaurants and Gelato shops in Italy and other places like the East Village, New York!

The History of Tartufo Gelato Truffles

The history of this dessert goes back to the 1940’s when the Prince of Savoia went to visit Pizzo. There was a local gelato master (Gelato is a type of Italian Ice) who wished to impress the prince. He planned to create a new and unique blend of the local southern flavors with the northern flavors of the Prince’s hometown. At once the gelato master chef set about creating a gelato truffle with a delicious mix of rich flavors that seem to blend together harmoniously. The recipe called for a blend of hazelnut and chocolate ice dipped in a sauce which was sprinkled with a touch of cocoa powder. The cunning gelato chief knew that the Prince adored chocolate and therefore, the chef was confident with his creation. With the first bite, the Prince loved the dessert and proclaimed it to be the best or “King of all the Gelato” desserts. The master gelato chef later called the dessert a tartufo which now comes in a wide variety of combinations and flavors.

What Is a Tartufo Ice Cream Dessert Made of?

A tartufo is an Italian dessert that is primarily made of ice cream and frozen fruit. Most tartufo desserts use two different flavors of ice cream and either frozen fruit or fruit syrup at the center. It is then dipped in a chocolate shell and covered with various nuts or cinnamon. The tartufo is most commonly made with vanilla and chocolate ice cream. Of course, as you can imagine, there are some variations such as strawberry combined with either butter pecan or pistachio ice cream. The ice cream is usually sculpted around the fruit or filling, into a ball. The outer shell of the tartufo or the ice cream can be covered with chocolate, crushed cookies, nuts and/or cinnamon to help hold the shape of the dish. Sometimes you may also see chocolate chips–to help add flavor–around the outer shell. Occasionally, even though there is fruit at the center, some restaurants will go ahead and add a strawberry, raspberry, or a cherry at the top.

Authentic Italian Appetizers, Entrees, Desserts & More in East Village, New York, NY

As July 1st is National Creative Ice Cream Day, Tableside Italian Cook Shoppe is pleased to share a little bit about the Tartufo, a traditional Italian dessert that was invented in 1943. This fine dessert is still with us today and is now satisfying appetites across the world. Help Tableside Italian Cook Shoppe celebrate National Creative Ice Cream day and come on down and enjoy our delicious traditional Italian cuisine today!