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What & When is Happy Hour in East Village, New York, NY; From Navy & Prohibition Origins to Today!

So many look forward to their favorite restaurant or bar for their Happy Hour Specials. Alcohol and snacks are provided at a discounted price for a limited time per day. This helps those on a tight budget or those looking for a good deal while unwinding a bit at the end of the day. However where did happy hour begin and how did it become so widespread throughout America and the world? Today Tableside Italian Cook Shoppe would like to talk about the origins of the term happy hour and how it began to provide good times filled with discounted beverages and delicious snacks.

What & When is Happy Hour?

Happy hour is well known as the designated time, usually between the hours of 4 pm to 8 pm, where restaurants or bars will sell a select alcoholic beverages accompanied with designated snacks at a discounted price. This doesn’t just help provide a boost in customer activity for the business, it also provides a discount opportunity for those looking to save a few bucks while drinking and socializing with friends and family. However the credit for the notion goes to the United States Navy and back in World War 1. In 1913 the United States Navy had a group of “Home Makers” who created a semi-weekly social event called the “Happy Hour Social” for the smokers on board the USS Arkansas. They would gather to enjoy each other’s company where there were various types of entertainment such as boxing and wrestling, along with dancing, music and even films. This was a major treat back in the early 1900s. The Term “Happy Hour Social” would in time change to Happy Hour Club or Happy Hour Social Club. Eventually many of the crew members shortened it to Happy Hour as we know it today. The idea behind the USS Arkansas social event was to release the tensions that develop onboard a sea vessel and it began to spread throughout the rest of the entire navy rather quickly.

Happy Hour During Prohibition

However during 1920 through 1933, most intoxicating beverages or alcohol became prohibited and were illegal in the U.S with a minor exception of sacramental wine and fermented ciders used by farmers. For those who know the history, this did not stop the American people. In fact alcohol consumption throughout America just became worse. Many gathered in secret before dinner to partake in various strong alcohols and once again, they began using the term happy hour as a form of code for when they would meet together. Of course the term happy hour was the slang term used by many old naval crew mates for these so called outlawed gatherings as well. Although we know the outrageous attempt to ban alcohol was repealed, the term happy hour just stuck by this time in our history. In 1961 the first bar designated a specific time of the day as happy hour for the discounted drinks and entertainment. By the 1970s and ’80s many food industries adapted the happy hour as well, providing discounted drinks and snacks as we know it today.

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