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List of Different Types of Italian Bread; Focaccia, Ciabatta, Panettone, Rosetta & More

You will often find that most Italian restaurants have soup and bread. You may notice there are different types off breads served in the same or different restaurants, depending on the dish you are eating. Some even supply the bread as an appetizer as something to snack on while you wait for your food. Tableside Italian Cook Shoppe would like to talk to you about the different kinds of bread, and the different uses of the bread.

Types of Italian Bread

Focaccia – This is a popular flat oven baked Italian bread reminiscent to pizza doughs in both texture and style. It is usually seasoned with olive oil, salt and sometimes herbs as well. Focaccia can be used as a side to many entrees, a solid base for pizza or as a sandwich bread. Tableside Italian Cook Shoppe makes delicious focaccia fresh in house!
Pizza Bianca Bread – This is a type of bread that is found all over Italy. However, throughout the different regions, the taste of this bread does vary. The pizza bianca bread was first made as a treat for little children while their parents were picking up bread at the local bakers. Later this bread made its way to restaurants where the bread was served as an appetizer or even made into sandwiches.
Artisan Filone Di Renella Bread – Renella was an older baker who lived in Rome and who had the best bakery. The Renella bakery has been baking bread for over 100 years. They had a secret recipe for a special loaf of bread called filone, which is a variation of the classic loaf of bread called Pane Napoletana. Later, this bread recipe came out and became a staple in many restaurants and was used to make various types of sandwiches.
Pane Bread – There are two major types of pane breads. There is the Pane Di Lariano which is a standard wheat bread. Pane Casareccio is another style of wheat bread with a slightly different texture. Casareccio bread is more crispy on its crust with a soft spongy texture in its center.
Rosetta Bread – This type of bread is more like a hollow roll and is mostly used for making sandwiches. Rosette bread comes from Rome and gets it name from the unique rose shape of the roll.
Ciabatta Bread – Much like pizza bianca bread, the ciabatta is flat bread. Where it is similar to the pizza bianca bread, ciabatta bread is less oily and has a harder texture than bianca bread. Ciabatta bread is mostly used for sandwiches and can be found in most bakeries and grocery stores in the U.S. Many restaurants will use ciabatta bread for sandwiches.
Taralli Bread – Taralli bread is small bread that is cooked in a ring shape. This bread is made with white wine and fennel seed. After the taralli bread is cooked to a lovely golden color they are often severed as appetizers.
Friselle Bread – Friselle bread is very common in many Italian restaurants, friselle is a dry bread that is traditionally served with fresh tomatoes. However, most restaurants will drizzle with dressing and serve it with soups and seafood dishes.
Laterza Bread – Laterza bread is a long slender loaf of bread with a stiff outer crust and a soft center. Laterza bread is much like French bread. However, it is the seasoning that greatly set the two breads apart.

Authentic Italian Food in East Village, New York

These are but a few of the amazing breads found in Italy that can be found in some bakeries and restaurants. It is amazing to learn and experience all the different tastes and textures of bread that originate in Italy. If you want to experience a slice of traditional Italian bread come on down to Tableside Italian Cook Shoppe today. We make focaccia pizza bread fresh in house and complimentary breadsticks. Call or place a take out order online … or come down to Tableside Italian Cook Shoppe and enjoy an authentic Italian mean in the relaxing ambiance of our restaurant.